Nonprofit Storytelling Conference – 2017

2017 Nonprofit Storytelling Conference


If you haven't yet joined the conference facebook group, please do so. It's a great way to keep in touch and share ideas with others. Some of the presenters from this year's conference are active in the group. Click on this link to join: Facebook Group

Below, you'll find training materials and videos.  You may download the videos and watch them on your tablet or smart phone.  Please do not post the videos online or share outside of your organization.

To download a video, click the "Share Control" button at the base of the player.  If you don't see it, hover your curser over the bottom part of the video screen.

Then click the "Download" button.  

The video should then download to your computer's hard drive.

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Pre-Conference Training

Below are the presentation slides and handouts from the 2017 Nonprofit Storytelling Conference.

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Presentation Slides

If you haven't ordered the videos from the conference, you still can.  Get all the sessions on video at the conference rate of $195. 

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