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    by learning special techniques that deepen donor engagement
  • Energize your board members
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If you want to:

  • ​find new donors
  • get your board members to help fundraise 
  • steward donors in meaningful ways
  • get donor meetings
  • write an irresistible case for support
  • or overcome some other fundraising obstacle, then...

Then get "Nonprofit Best Practices - Complete" your resource for raising more money.

If you want to reach your fundraising goals faster, then stop use the strategies, techniques, and action plans that successful fundraisers use to bring in more money faster.

Nonprofit Best Practices - Complete features over 200 successful nonprofit professionals sharing their best fundraising techniques and strategies.​..these techniques will help you raise more money faster.

By watching the videos and utilizing the Action Plans, you will speed up your fundraising success just like thousands of other nonprofit professionals.

“We’ve brought in 213 new donors.”
Chelsea McIntyre ~ Fund Development Associate

If any of the statements below describe you,
then get Nonprofit Best Practices - Complete.

"I feel overwhelmed.  I don't have enough time or resources to accomplish everything."

"Our mission is hard to raise money for.  Donors are not naturally drawn to us."

"I am frustrated with my board.  They refuse to help raise money for our organization."

You’ll get the following Collections:

100 Donors in 
90 Days

We’ve created a system that takes the guesswork out of finding donors. It’s perhaps the fastest and simplest way to finding new donors you’ve ever come across.

12 leading experts​ will guide you step by step to finding 100 new donors in the next 90 days.

  • The experts include: Tom Ahern, Gail Perry, Ken Burnett, Andrea Kihlstedt, Amy Eisenstein, Marc A. Pitman, Pamela Grow...more
  • You'll get twelve expert interviews and action guides. These will walk you through the strategies and steps to take over the next 90 days to bring in 100 new donors.
  • You'll also receive a "Donor Map".

The Complete Library of
Movie Mondays Episodes​

For over eight years, Movie Mondays has been the MUST WATCH weekly video series for fundraising professionals.

Each of the 275+ episodes feature real development directors, executive directors, board members, and donors. The subjects range from finding new donors to writing grants…from working with board members to getting sponsors for your fundraising events…and a lot more.

Donor Retention Project

Leading donor retention experts provide you with a plan that helps you retain your donors and gets you larger gifts. Just imagine what retaining your donors and getting larger gifts will do to your cashflow.

The “Donor Retention Project” puts innovative ways to deepen donor relationships in your hands.

  • The experts include: Roger Craver, Adrian Sergeant, Shanon Doolittle, Simone P. Joyaux, Lisa Sargent, Jonathon Grapsas, Ian Adair...and more
  • Includes done-for-you templates that will improve your donor retention rates and bring in larger gifts to your organization.

The Beyond Cash
Fundraising Dashboard

Is your fundraising plan "gut driven" or "data driven"?

With the “Beyond Cash Fundraising Management Dashboard”, you will learn the seven most critical areas to focus on and measure. These seven areas are the key to raising more money, more predictably.

Peter Drury shows you how to save time and raise more money. He shows you where the really successful fundraisers place their focus and what they measure. Whether you are in a small organization or a large organization, this dashboard will help save you time and raise a lot more money.​

Case for Support and 
Donor Communications

Can you raise more money by changing the words you use?

Tom Ahern demystifies the process of writing donor centered materials. Tom is one of our industry's top donor communications masters and will walk you through building your case for support.

Tom shares the best donor communications strategies and techniques - so you can write the most effective donor fundraising appeals, newsletters, annual reports, and more. 

  • You'll get Tom's very own custom writing tool.  He uses it when he writes his highly effective donor communications.
  • You'll also see BEFORE & AFTER examples of highly effective newsletters and other donor communications.

Turning board members into effective fundraisers

These board training videos and worksheets provide a  simple and highly effective way to get your board to raise money.

Andrea Kihlstedt and Andy Robinson have trained thousands of board members.​ Your board members will learn how to:

  • identify new donor prospects
  • discover what a donor values
  • ask donors for a gift
  • and much more...​

Event Fundraising

Does your event inspire people to give big?

Imagine getting results like these...

  • You raise 52% more money from your next event
  • You easily attract 20 new sponsors
  • Your board members become enthusiastic about bringing people to your event 

Shanon Doolittle will help you bring in more money, get sponsors, and engage board members at your events. 

Whether your event is coming up, or you just had your event, Shanon shows you how to easily raise more money in the pre-event process, during the event, or in the post-event process.

How Donors Think

Take a journey to the other side of fundraising.

You'll hear what donors really think about being asked to give.  You'll also learn why they support one organization over another.

Use this knowledge to build stronger relationships with your current and future donors - and to share with your board members

This video collection is made up of interviews with actual donors. These donors give candid answers to 22 questions that were submitted by fundraising professionals. 

A few of the questions donors answered:

  • What motivates you to give?
  • How do you determine the size of your gift?
  • What is the best way you’ve been thanked?
  • and 19 more...​

Marketing Your Mission & the Nonprofit Messaging Roadmap

Attract more supporters, donors, and volunteers.

In this collection of 30 videos, Erica Mills gives you  21 easy ways to immediately generate interest, engagement, and support for your organization.

Erica also walks you through creating a clear, crisp and compelling answer to the question, "What does your organization do?". This is a critical piece in the elusive quest to get noticed.

You'll also get the immensely helpful "Marketing Action Plan".

Nonprofit Storytelling for Board Members

Engage your board members in a fun and different way.

These videos are designed to help board members find and tell better stories, and to get board members comfortable telling stories in your community.

Based on Christopher Davenport's best selling book, these videos will teach board members:

    • three types of stories they need to tell
    • seven story triggers to keep their listener captivated
    • how to structure a story for maximum effectiveness
    • three phrases to engage anybody
    • and more...

Ask Without Fear

Do your board members fear asking for money?

In this set of videos, Marc A. Pitman walks you through a simple process of fundraising.  This process helps eliminate the fear of asking for donations.

Use these videos to train board members and volunteers.

There's also a section on "Upgrading Your Donors". This shows you how to get bigger donations from the donors you currently have. In fact if you don't watch this section, you are in effect losing a lot of donations.

You'll also get helpful "Done-for-You" resources.

How to Find & Cultivate Donors

Want more donors?

See how 17 different fundraising professionals are:

  • finding donors
  • getting donor meetings
  • cultivating the relationship beyond the money
  • and more...

These 500+ Videos & Action Guides will help you raise more money faster and strengthen your donor relationships

"I liked the step-by-step instructions..."

"I liked the step-by-step instructions. That made finding donors much easier. The simple steps and tools were especially helpful when training board members and volunteers."
~ Helen Sommer - Executive Director for Habitat for Humanity of South Hamptons Roads, inc.

"I wish I had this material 8 years ago..."

"I wish I had this material 8 years ago. Before I obtained 100 Donors in 90 Days, I felt overwhelmed about fundraising...with your 100 Donors material, fundraising isn't such an overwhelming's laid out very logically where a novice like myself can understand it and follow the very practical steps to raise funds."
~ Richard Turner - pastor

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